Zayyad Khan Abbasi

Advocate High Court

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Dhani Bakhsh Malik

Advocate High Court

Mr. Malik is a young, energetic and dynamic person with vast knowledge over his field of law. During 5 Years of his work experience under the kind supervision of his senior, Mr. Kamal Azfar, he has appeared in many Constitutional Petitions, Civil Suits, Company and Service matters. He has strong command over legal research and procedure being followed in Honourable Courts of Pakistan. Further, Mr. Malik has also conducted due diligence for leading financial institutions and rendered legal opinions on the same.

Salim Akhtar Qureshi

Saleem Akhtar Qureshi is a banker-turned-businessman. Banking Odyssey spanned over the following banks for almost 20 years –

  1.     Rupali Bank, Karachi (1980-82).
  2.     Banque Indosuez (1982-87), a Fresh Bank.
  3.      Masraf Faysal Al Islamic of Bahrain EC(1987-91), a Bahrain based Bank.
  4.     Muslim Commercial Bank limited (1991-97)
  5.      Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia in (1997-2000), based in Saudi Arabia.

Entire banking career was a blend of Conventional and Islamic Banking both in Pakistan & abroad in the filed of the Credit & Marketing, Syndication, Derivatives Documentary Credit, Legal and Treasury Operations. Academically, Saleem Akhtar  Qureshi is a Commerce Graduate with Post Graduate qualification in the Business Administration & the Banking.

The Business Journey started in 2000 with a modest start of sugar and steel trading. Presently, the focus is on the steel Manufacturing and Trading relying mainly on the ship-breaking for procurement of the steel raw materiel, while the business diversification plan has always been is under-way in the form of having a Marriage Hall, A-Level College at Clifton, Karachi and Financial Advisory Services.

Since stepping into the Ship Breaking in 2009, the disputes as to the Income Tax, Sales Tax etc. had become almost the daily matters and luckily the past engagement at the bank in the subject of law aroused interest to take up the disputes directly with the relevant Departments concerning the Taxation Matters notably .e. Income Tax and Sales Tax and its enforceability on the anvil of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Therefore, the humble background in law has landed Saleem Akhtar Qureshi at this Law Firm with the courtesy of Mr. Zayyad Abbasi, Advocate and Mr. Dhani Bux, Advocate.